About Us

About Us

The Owner and Builder

Daniel Dickmeyer has been in the industry for over 25 years. His extensive knowledge and experience first began in the fields of framing and drywall. He later gained additional experience with insulation and foundation waterproofing, remodeling cabins and landscaping design.

After many years of learning and crafting his trade in residential building, Dan decided to start building homes himself. He noticed a trend of mass produced homes with poor attention to detail and customer service. Dan wanted to offer the customer what he would expect from a qualified builder- a dream house of a lifetime.


How did we get our name? From our wonderful daughter Isabella. We take pride in our business like we take pride in her, thus passing along a legacy to the next generation.


Bellaco Builders, LLC came about from the need to provide excellence in the industry of home building and remodeling. This along with personalizing each home to the unique needs and style of the buyer is what sets us apart from the rest.